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New House on The B̶L̶O̶C̶K̶ RIVER

The Miami River Inn just got SO much better! For those who aren’t familiar with Miami River Inn; its a collection of houses
which were all built in the 1908’s, have been well kept and are used up as holiday homes. All but one specific house continues to be a holiday home… That one house just became Casa Florida. Plans are, that this charming Miami retro home will become a restaurant. As of right now Casa Florida has opened up its gates on Dec. 16th in order to have locals / tourists enjoy the spacious backyard, which has SO MUCH TO OFFER.

If you did not know that this place was here you’d drive by and not even know there was a dope hidden gem nearby.

The Atmosphere

After you walk along the side of the house you enter the backyard where there is a full on grill with chefs working hard at pumping out food. The brunch menu (which I will talk about shortly) is to die for!

From the kitchen if you look straight ahead you can see the backyard. The gorgeous GM van they have in the back creates the chillest vibes! Whats even better than seeing the bus?! Being able to get on it and enjoy drinks inside on the comfiest patio couches ever!

Pass the bus you will find the bar. YHCE does it again! Just a refresher, this is the same company of engineers who designed Box Coffee (another of Miami’s very own re-purposed shipping container). These shipping containers have created such a dent in the foodie world and Casa Florida will not only have ONE shipping container but TWO when all is finished. As of right now, you can enjoy the main shipping container as it generates the best drinks I have had in a while… Also let me mention, ladies get FREE Veuve Clicquot! Yes, you read that right. This photo is one of many that I had the day I visited.

The Brunch Menu

Casa Florida is open Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 11 AM-5 PM for brunch and then from 5 PM-midnight for dinner and drinks. As stated, Casa Florida has not opened its official kitchen inside the home, they are working out of an outdoors grill … With that being said, I died and went to foodie heaven when I visited. Can you imagine how it’ll be when they have their official kitchen?! Let me just share the goodness I tried.

The menu is American / Argentine inspired but of course with a Miami twist to everything. Nothing on the brunch menu exceeds $10 and if you’re there for the booze and watching your food calories; the plates are great for sharing! As I always say, sharing is caring so scroll down to get a sneak peak of the menu.

The Drinks

Bloody Mary

Your not so traditional Bloody Mary but it was so good I downed two and had to tell myself NO MORE! It had a sweet yet smoky flavor to it. I am not a Bloody Mary kind of girl but these were highly addictive, so sip with caution!

Florida Mule

The perfect backyard drink. The day was gorgeous; not too hot and not too cold with blue skies and sunshine and yet this was the most refreshing cocktail you could think of. I wouldn’t be shocked if this became the staple outdoors drink, especially on those blazing hot Miami days.


If you love mules then venture out and grab this bubbly cocktail. It is very floral but it also comes infused with ginger beer. Refreshing as well and look how pretty it is!

The Food

Breakfast Choripan : a breakfast sandwich with the juiciest chorizo and fried egg on top. Messy and filling (also shareable) and in regards to the messy; if you’re a foodie like me, you won’t care! For the record though, the sandwich was only messy because of the yolkporn, the chorizo because it is cooked on a grill has no grease spillage when you bite into it. Everything was made and cooked to perfection! I am drooling right now as I write this description for you all.



Artichoke a la Plancha : charred artichoke with paprika aioli. I dipped the first artichoke in the sauce and then tried and finished the rest with no sauce – that is how good this was! This dish is also shareable but don’t leave me with a whole plate in front of me, there will be no artichoke survivors or leftovers to give.

Half Piña Granola : Definitely shareable and delicious! Yogurt + Granola + Strawberries + Half a Pineapple + Honey drizzled on top. The perfect way to get your vitamin C in before you brunch hard.

As the year comes to an end and spring / summer weather comes back into play shortly; I think Casa Florida couldn’t have come at a more appropriate time. Right now the weather is beautiful to sit outside all day so why not come and do that at Casa Florida? The entire time I was there it felt like a huge family party. My waitress, Chelsea, felt like a friend I was visiting. She knew all of the right things to recommend and had such a warm and inviting personality. Not once did it feel like she was working and I was a customer. Casa Florida has a hashtag they like to use #MiCasaTuCasa and until you come here for yourself, you won’t fully understand that hashtag. Yes, it is a house they are working out of but they strive to make that house feel like its yours too.

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