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Troy’s BBQ Brings Slow Cooked Deliciousness for 20 Years and Counting

As a marathon runner, I embark on my long runs during the weekends. Without fail, I pass by Troy’s BBQ and the smell of delicious, slow cooked smoky food hits my nostrils. I know I’m jogging past the restaurant without even looking. After torturous urges to sprint inside, grab handfuls of pork, and gulp it down, I decided to act like a decent being and stop by after work for dinner.
Overwhelmed with the numerous options available, I picked the brisket and rib combo which came with two sides of my choice. I chose mac n’cheese and baked beans.
Sitting down with my tray, I began to nosh. The brisket was soft and tender, yet crispy where it counted: the skin. It was hands down the best brisket I’ve had in South Florida and for good reason. I learned from owner Anthony Barber that it gets cooked at 225 degrees for 16 hours. The ribs, which had a smoky taste, get 3 hours. Surprisingly, the brisket is the newest edition to the joint’s meat lly, making its debut in November. Troy’s BBQ originally started with chicken and ribs then added pork to its menu.y
But what is a BBQ spot without the sauces? Troy’s was no exception and had two to choose from. The original sauce has a mustard base, but not reminiscent of cheap concession stands. Instead, it was tangy and light. On the other side of the spectrum was the sweet sauce, which was even more tangier and, well, sweet. The OG sauce has been around for 20 years since the Davis family started its business 2 miles away. The sweet sauce is about 2 weeks old, which is about 7 weeks after the new location on Federal. Both sauces will soon be available for purchase in Publix.
With the move came more hours and even more business. Everything on the menu is made in house, as well as the actual building. Yes, you read that correctly. To save on costs, Barber helped build the from the ground up, including the check out counter. “Every now and then throughout the day, I give it a good shake to make sure it’s standing,” he said. And it still is.
Back to my feast. The baked beans were sweet, and tasted like yams. Think of it as Thanksgiving in a legume. The breaded mac n cheese was the perfect compilation of crunchy and cheesy, making it a complimentary yet not overwhelming side dish. As for the cornbread, let’s just say I’m a new fan.
After conversing with the owner, I learned that they will join UberEATS on August 15. Let’s just say I’m counting down the days.
Troy’s BBQ is located at 1920 S Federal Hwy, Boynton Beach, FL 33435.
Visit bbqtroys.com.
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